Catherina O’Gorman is Unrelenting love, who will never give up on you and will fight for your freedom…

 Founder Catherina O’Gorman

People come to me on knees of shattered glass. I help them make stained glass from the magnificent mosaic of what, they often feel is broken in their lives. When lit from the fire of self love they see their lives in a whole new way. Each fragment of glass is truth. Truth, no matter how seemingly tragic or wrong by societal standards, is pure, unadulterated love. To make a life whole, every shard, every color, every shape, is needed. In judgment we sometimes miss the bigger picture and deny the  totality of who we are when creating the greater masterpiece of our lives. We provide to the glass-artist only those fragments that we deem acceptable and store the rest of who we are in secret chambers. These are the chambers I mine. They sparkle rich with truth masquerading as sin, or self loathing, but invariably bear the richest hue.
In nature, glass is made when lightning strikes sand. It is the ultimate form of feminine being realized. Rock pounded and caressed by water makes sand and then, in an alchemical strike of nature’s unfathomable force, becomes glass.
My mission in this life is to liberate truth. Sometimes this happens in a lightning strike. But usually it involves the steady work of unfoldment. The piece by piece assemblage of a staggering beauty that has been kept hidden in us. We are coming out of a time of ‘cover up’ into an age of transparency, where truth is the currency of the unseen force, that even Einstein himself said is the most powerful in the universe, love. Truth is not about the judgment of good and bad. This is what keeps us from sharing the hidden gems of who we are. When we see that the grand mosaic, the epic tapestry of our lives needs every fragment of ourselves to be fully realized, and that all of it is aglow with the light of God’s love, then we become whole. Then we become the most powerful expression of who we are.
The people who work with me have a deep sense that there is a part of themselves in exile. Ironically, many of them are among the most successful by today’s definition of achievement. They appear on the outside to be reigning supreme over their state. They are CEOs, accomplished entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, accountants. But something is panging in them. It is the need to liberate their truth. To be seen for the totality of who they are rather than the compartmentalized version of themselves that has kept them in a prison of self judgment. I don’t heal anything. I bear witness to healing. I fight for it. I take on the ego that stands guard at the gates of the secret chamber.
It sounds like serious work. But when truth reigns supreme, fear can gain no purchase. That is a light and very joyful place to live. Fear-based living is a form of false governance. My thesis is that, as humans and as a planet, fear has had its day. Its time for love to be our master. Getting to truth is how we begin to unlock its power. The good news in all of this is that love is already sitting on the throne. Our job is to get to that truth. Thats what I help my clients do. (written by client Lucas Donut describing his perspective in working with Catherina O’Gorman)

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