Catherina’s Story

Long before Q.U.E.S.T. became a coaching model, “Q.U.E.S.T.” was within founder Catherina O’Gorman’s innate awareness her entire life. At age four Catherina was an athlete in training for the Olympics. By choosing thoughts in alignment with her desire (to win the race) she was able to disidentify with the beltings and resulting emotions she received at the hand of her father. By the age of 10 Catherina represented New Zealand as a champion 100 meter runner and high jumper. In 2002 Catherina took what she had been intuitively using to help herself all her life and created the formal Q.U.E.S.T. model. She would use this powerful sequence of questioning in private practice to guide her clients through their own Personal Journey. In 2011 she was guided to create the “A QUEST For Greatness” Coach Training Manual to teach others how to deliver the questioning sequence, and be the embodiment of self love.

Think Love arrived ten years ago in 2006. Now a young mother and coach, Catherina (then Catherina Rodrigues) whilst meditating in the Blue Mountains of Australia, received another spiritual download; the Think Love symbol. Operating unquestioningly under intuition’s implicit instructions, within six weeks Catherina traveled to Fiji. There Love connected her with her current husband and partner Gerry O’Gorman. Within 10 weeks of that initial Think Love download Catherina found herself leaving her first marriage intuitively knowing and trusting that Gerry would be her partner in fulfilling this level of her journey. Catherina and Gerry have been together every moment since then. Choosing in every moment to allow spirit to use them as a conduit of Love, Think Love has expanded from a symbol into a global movement gaining rapid momentum.

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